About UA Cinemas

UA Cinemas (Hong Kong and Macau), founded in 1985, is a pioneer in adopting innovative high-end projection technology and equipment to provide the highest-quality cinematic and multi-media entertainment to the discerning audience in Hong Kong and Macau.

UA Cinemas has been in the forefront of pioneering value-added services. UA Cinemas opened the first American multiplex theatre “UA6” in Hong Kong and Asia (1985), introduced telephone and online ticketing services (1995 and 1997 respectively), inaugurated the first private VIP theatre – Director’s Club (2001) and the exclusive IMAX theatre (2007) which brings the world’s most immersive movie experience to the audience.UA iSQUARE won the honour of “The World’s Highest-grossing Cinema” by screening the spectacular IMAX 3D Avatar. In 2015, UA Cinemas also achieved “the Highest IMAX Exhibitor Per Screen Average in Worldwide”.

About UA CineHub

Founded in 2012, UA CineHub endeavours to present to film and culture lovers a great variety of premium cinematic and cultural experiences, through bringing forth special screenings, talks, seminars, workshops, as well as theatre shows and music performances.

Highlighted programmes include: “ARTiculate” artist-themed screenings, “UA CineHub x Theatre Space” theatre shows, “Get Groovy! Music Film”, “In Search of the Great Composers” screenings, “Tim Burton Film Retrospective”, “Osamu Tezuka 90th Birth Anniversary Film Retrospective”, Visiting the “Isle of Dogs”: Tim Allen Stop Motion Animation Master Class ,  “A Tribute to Leung Sing-por on his 110th Birth Anniversary”, “Sing Our Own Song: Music Film Festival”, “Cult Film Festival”, “FilmSporting”, “Milano Design Film Festival”, “Hong Kong Arts Festival PLUS Films”, etc.

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