Escher: Journey to Infinity (ARTiculate: Films)

Price: HK$110
Genre: Arts
Category: I
Director: Robin Lutz
Language: In English with Chinese Subtitles

M.C. Escher was a master of optical illusions whose mathematically precise paintings seem orderly and realistic at first glance, but are in fact windows into a startling and fantastical world. Escher’s endless staircases have made appearances in such films as Inception and Labyrinth as well as serving inspiration for the popular mobile game Monument Valley. Many of Escher’s prints have also been referenced by musicians and fashion designers. Last year, the spring/summer collection of the trendy fashion label Supreme appropriates Escher, mixing logical thinking with wild imagination in a cross-generational jam. Escher: Journey to Infinity probes the artist’s precious diaries, letters and videos to let him explain the thinking behind his boundless surrealistic ideas in his own words, and even shows him working alone in his workshop on wood cut prints, one layer at a time. The production team also interviews Escher’s family, musicians, artists and cultural critics, taking the audience on a journey of exploration into this enigmatic artist’s life.

Length: 81 minutes

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